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  Milan Pässler 23a7f2a86c type and drag fixes 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler e9253d383a bump sw cache version 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 765a6bd216 add graph and about pages 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 882de39bc4 fix on low res devices 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 4cece54d7d add README.md 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler a4cbeb0747 fixes 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 6cb5e2cfd5 add logic to frontend 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler cc27ac03f7 use css grid layout instead of flex hack 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 275c8b4901 fixed import 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler 253193d55a remove debug print 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler acc2425d2e refactor 8 months ago
  Milan Pässler cfa144d979 feat(lic): added license 1 year ago
  Fronbasal f863a1dcb3 fix(ui): typo 1 year ago
  Fronbasal 7cd9f1d3bd feat(proj): things with dockeR 1 year ago
  Fronbasal cf51cf733c feat(proj): added new nginx port 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 2c6dc50810 refactor(proj): dieser commit ist als semantic commit verkleidet 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 479b106d22 refactor(proj): kompletter commit 1 year ago
  Fronbasal 9ca8e510f0 fix(proj): updated url of api 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler b9ea232488 fix(router): remove trailing slash from routes 1 year ago
  Fronbasal dfc44d72dd feat(proj): added dockerfile and nginx deployment configs 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 224108a64e fix(router): browser back button support 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler dcabbc0971 feat(style): centered logo on small screens 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler ed11e3a92d chores(proj): added README 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 4903f07c69 feat(proj): added sample nginx configuration 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 614c9bc552 feat(proj): initial commit of deepart.io pwa 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 89fd786089 update to gulp 4, add eslint, reformat 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler c3faa40dfc use postcss, generate service worker, add demo with lit-html 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 2fecac20da switch to rollup 1 year ago
  Milan Pässler 489c67a890 initial commit 2 years ago