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HopGlass Server

The HopGlass Server collects data from Freifunk networks and processes it to be used in HopGlass, for statistics and other purposes.

Warning: The HopGlass Server is subject to major changes. Updates may require manual intervention.

How to use

ArchLinux or Debian-based systems using systemd (preferred)

i.e. Debian Jessie or newer, Ubuntu 15.04 or newer

  1. Run # wget; bash; rm
  2. Review and edit the default configuration located at /etc/hopglass-server/default/config.json.
  3. Start the HopGlass Server: # systemctl start hopglass-server@default
  4. (Optional) Automatically start the HopGlass Server at boot: # systemctl enable hopglass-server@default

Possible webserver queries

Query Location Description
/nodes.json HopGlass nodes.json v2
/graph.json HopGlass graph.json v1
/mv/nodes.json Meshviewer nodes.json v2
/mv/graph.json Meshviewer graph.json v1
/mv1/nodes.json Meshviewer nodes.json v1
/mv1/graph.json Meshviewer graph.json v1
/raw.json Raw data collected, same as the raw.json save file
/nodelist.json nodelist.json format (
/hosts hosts file to be placed in /etc/hosts
/metrics Prometheus metrics
/wifi-aliases.txt Aliases file for Wifi Analyzer app
/WifiAnalyzer_Alias.txt Aliases file for Wifi Analyzer app
/ffapi.json Freifunk API file
/ Named DNS zone file

Metrics values

per node (all with the labels hostname, nodeid and gateway):

  • statistics.uptime
  • statistics.traffic
  • statistics.loadavg
  • statistics.memory_usage

total values:

  • meshnodes_total
  • meshnodes_online_total
  • total_clients
  • total_traffic

Development timeline

oldmaster (outdated)

v0.1.0 (outdated)

  • fully modular conversion system
  • many bugfixes
  • meshviewer provider
  • ffapi provider
  • label-based traffic metrics

v0.1.1 (outdated)

  • bugfix release

v0.1.2 (outdated)

  • many bugfixes (many contributors)
  • additional input checks (Joshua1337, eberhab)
  • provider/hopglass: resolve gateways to nodeids (mar-v-in)
  • provider/hopglass: nexthop key (eberhab)
  • new provider: dns zone output (eberhab)
  • probably more I forgot

v0.1.3 (current)

  • fix the install script

v0.2 (next)

  • provide a graph-generation implementation for all providers
  • graph caching
  • handle gateway flag correctly without aliases
  • alfred receiver


  • new HopGlass data format
  • network-transparent receivers


  • definition of the Prometheus metrics format
  • definition of the transitional data format
  • definition of the configuration format

Installation without systemd

Debian-based systems without systemd

i.e. Debian Wheezy or older, Ubuntu 14.10 or older

Warning: untested, unsupported, not recommended

  1. Run # wget; bash; rm
  2. INSTALL_DIR="/opt/hopglass/"; cp "$INSTALL_DIR"/server/config.json.example /etc/hopglass-server/default/config.json; chown -R hopglass:hopglass /etc/hopglass-server
  3. cp server/aliases.json.example server/aliases.json
  4. echo "{}">server/raw.json
  5. Create a start script in /usr/local/bin/ similar to this: su - hopglass --shell /bin/bash -c "cd server; node hopglass-server.js --config /etc/hopglass-server/default/config.json"
  6. Create an init-script in /etc/init.d/.

After installation

You might want to

  • Install a webserver (search for Nginx or Apache) and configure a reverse proxy and gzip-compression
  • Install HopGlass
  • Install Prometheus and Grafana